Please answer all the questions in English.

  1. If a speaker uses a word you do not understand, what should you say?
  2. If your student wants to go to the restroom, what should they say to you in English?
  3. What are the 3 parts of an introduction?
  4. Is “you did a good job” abstract or concrete?
  5. Is “I had a good class” abstract or concrete.
  6. What is an expanded answer?
  7. What are two words that a closed-ended question can begin with?
  8. What are two words that an open-ended question can begin with?
  9. Write an example of an echo question.
  10. If you ask me what I will do tomorrow and I say that I will cook dinner, what is a follow-up question that you can ask?
  11. Why should a teacher not listen to students when the students are doing group practice work?
  12. Why is it important to teach your students useful phrases?
  13. What should you teach your students to do for improving their pronunciation?
  14. Why is concrete language better than abstract language?
  15. Why is a good hook at the beginning of a presentation important?