Speed reading activity 1 questions

  1. Thousands of years ago, people came to the Pacific Islands from
    a South America.
    b Asia.
    c Australia.
    d Europe.

  2. In the Pacific Islands the weather is
    a very hot.
    b warm.
    c cold.
    d sometimes warm and sometimes cold.

  3. The people of the Pacific Islands speak
    a the same language.
    b two different languages.
    c many different languages.
    d the English language.

  4. The old men
    a go fishing.
    b play games with the children.
    c talk with the women.
    d sit by themselves.

  5. During the day the women
    a. work in the gardens. b. go fishing.
    c. make rope.
    d. cook food.

  6. When the sun comes up the village is
    a very noisy.
    b still sleeping.
    c full of people working.
    d very quiet.

  7. The little children wash their faces in
    a the river.
    b the pot of water near their house.
    c the sea.
    d the bathroom.

  8. When the sun comes up, the young men go
    a back to sleep.
    b to play in the trees.
    c to work in the garden.
    d to make cloth.

  9. At midday the village is quiet because
    a there is no one there.
    b the children are swimming.
    c the sun is very hot.
    d the men are all fishing.

  10. The fishermen come home
    a at midday.
    b in the morning.
    c when the sun goes down.
    d when the children call them.