Speed Reading Activity Week 8 Questions

Answer the questions

  1. One hundred and eighty years ago
    a the Dutch ruled Indonesia.
    b Indonesia was free.
    c there were no Indonesian kings.
    d the Indonesian people were happy.

  2. Diponegoro was the son of
    a a soldier.
    b a poor farmer.
    c a rich farmer.
    d a king.

  3. Diponegoro began to fight the Dutch be cause
    a they attacked him.
    b they took some of his land.
    c they hurt his father.
    d they wanted to take his money.

  4. When Diponegoro began to fight,
    a he was alone.
    b he ha d a few men.
    c he had many friends to help him.
    d he was helped by some Dutch soldiers.

  5. Diponegoro won many fights because
    a he had many guns.
    b he had more soldiers than the Dutch.
    c he fought and ran away.
    d he moved quickly along the new roads .

  6. The Dutch wanted to catch Diponegoro so they
    a built many roads.
    b used aeroplanes.
    c used fast trucks.
    d caught his family.

  7. The Dutch leader in Java
    a talked to Diponegoro several times.
    b caught many of Diponegoro's friends.
    c wanted to stop the war.
    d gave land to Diponegoro's friends.

  8. The Dutch caught Diponegoro because
    a they had a good army.
    b Diponegoro believed them.
    c they caught all of his friends.
    d he was hurt.

  9. When Diponegoro was caught, he was
    a killed.
    b giv en pieces of land.
    c sent far away.
    d put in the Dutch army.

  10. In Indonesia the name Diponegoro is often used for the name of
    a children.
    b towns.
    c universities.
    d streets.