Speed reading activity January 15 questions

  1. In Bali, death is
    a. the end of life in the world.
    b. the beginning of life in another
    c. the beginning of another life in
    this world.
    d. the end of all life.

  2. Usually, when a person dies in Bali, the body
    a. is burned.
    b. is eaten by animals.
    c. is left in the ground.
    d. is put in a tall tree.

  3. When a good person dies, they
    a. do not come back to earth.
    b. come back to earth as a dog.
    c. come back as a snake.
    d. come back in a better life than

  4. Because the burning of a body is expensive, some people
    a. are not burned.
    b. save money for their burning.
    c. are burned on any day.
    d. are put in the sea.

  5. Some flowers, iron and glass are put on the body, so that
    a. it will look nice at the burning.
    b. it will burn easily.
    c. it will be better in the next life.
    d. it will have useful things on its
    journey from earth.

  6. The body is in the ground for
    a. fourteen days.
    b. twenty-four days.
    c. forty days.
    d. forty-two days.

  7. When they carry the tower, the men run from one side of the road to the other because
    a. the tower is heavy.
    b. they want to keep bad things from the body.
    c. they want to play and be happy.
    d. they are very sad.

  8. The journey to the burning place is
    a. very noisy.
    b. very smoky.
    c. very quiet.
    d. very fast.

  9. After the body is burned, some pieces of bones are
    a. thrown into the sea.
    b. burned again.
    c. put in the ground.
    d. kept in the house.

  10. Now, when a rich man is burned,
    a. his wives are burned too.
    b. the tower can be very beautiful.
    c. his body is sent to India.
    d. there is no music.