Speed reading activity 2 questions

  1. There are many followers of Jainism
    a in most countries in Asia.
    b in Europe and America.
    c only in India.
    d through the world.

  2. The greatest teacher of Jainism was
    a Jain.
    b Buddha.
    c Mahavira.
    d Confucius.

  3. The greatest teacher of Jainism died when he wa s
    a thirty years old.
    b forty years old.
    c sixty years old.
    d over seventy years old.

  4. Jainism became famous
    a when it first began.
    b when a king became a follower.
    c fifty years after it began.
    d when the first great teacher died.

  5. One important difference between the two kinds of Jainism was
    a they followed different gods.
    b one group did not wear clothes.
    c one group did not eat plants or
    d they ate in different ways.

  6. For the followers of Jainism, everything i n the world
    a is alive.
    b is bad.
    c lives only once.
    d can hear and feel.

  7. Followers of Jainism can become free from their bodies if
    a they do good things.
    b they believe in God.
    c they always pray to God.
    d they kill smaller things.

  8. True followers of Jainism do not run because
    a there is life on the ground.
    b they always close their eyes.
    c they cannot think and run together.
    d they must not use their bodies.

  9. If people do not do enough good things,
    a they will die.
    b they must leave the world.
    c they will be born again and again.
    d something will kill them.

  10. The life of a bee is more important than the life of
    a a person.
    b a snake.
    c a cow.
    d a plant.