Sites I Like

Here are my favorite places on the web.

Arts and Letters Daily:  A curated site of some of the best reading on the web.

Ars Technica: Technology and science site with excellent in-depth articles.

The Atlantic Online: The website for the Atlantic Monthly magazine. Well written articles on everything from television to education.

Brain Pickings: Interesting comments and reviews of interesting reading.

The Browser: Another curated site for articles of interest that are longer than the usual web based reads.

Edge: Science at the edge. What else?

The Feature: Another curated site for articles to read. Do you think I like to read?

Grant Wiggins’ Blog: Arguably some of the most insightful, knowledgable, and interesting commentary about education on the web. Unfortunately, Mr. Wiggins passed away last year. He was smart, really smart, and knew his stuff. His posts are still online.

Long Reads: Again, another curated reading site. The name says it all.

The Marginal Revolution: A blog by two economists who provide ideas and insights on a wide variety of topics. Go there, it will make you think.

Nautilus: Science and lots of it.

The New Yorker: You want to read excellent writing? Then go there, now.

Roger Ebert: Mr. Ebert was one of the greatest movie critics of all time. Even though he died in 2013 the site continues with reviews by a team of talented critics. Do yourself a favor and read Mr. Ebert’s Great Movies reviews.

Safe Cast: “Safecast is a global project to empower people with data, primarily by mapping radiation levels and building a sensor network, enabling people to contribute and freely use the data collected.” If  you live in Japan, you owe it to yourself to be well informed.

Two Teachers Talking: A podcast about teaching at Japanese universities. Shameless self promotion.