Example room description paragraph

My room is 24 square meters. The north-south axis walls are 6 meters. The east-west axis walls are 4 meters. Floor to ceiling height is 2.8 meters. The south wall has a 1 meter high by 2 meter wide window. The window is equidistant from the floor and ceiling. The window has two sliding panes of equal length and height. At the top of the window, there is a steel curtain rail. It’s length is equal to the window length. Two curtains are attached to the rail. They are made of wool and cotton. The curtain bottoms extend 2cm past the bottom of the window frame. The curtains are #f6f7f6. Against this wall is a single bed, 1.2 meters by 2 meters. The head and foot of the bed are equidistant from the east and west walls. Along the east wall, 75cm from the south east corner, is a book shelf. It is 1.8 meters high by 1 meter wide. There are four shelves, each one separated by 45cm. In the book shelf, there are 54 paperback and 33 hard-cover books. Next to the book shelf, separated by 15 cm is a TV. It is a Sharp 40 inch LCD, model number LC40GA. It sits atop a #161616 pressboard TV stand that is 1 meter by .5 meters by .5 meters. It does not contain any shelves, only open space. It does not have any enclosing glass panels. Opposite the TV on the west wall is a round Ikea pine wood dining table. It is 1 meter in diameter and 82cm high. It has four pine wood legs There are two pine wood chairs with solid backs. The chairs have no cloth material. They are only wood.