Oral English

January 25

Presentation evaluation form.

Christmas quiz

  1. What was Santa Claus’ real name?
  2. Where was he from?
  3. Where does Santa live?
  4. Is Santa married? If yes, what is his wife’s name?
  5. Who works for Santa?
  6. What do Santa’s workers do?
  7. How does Santa travel?
  8. What special animals does Santa use?
  9. How does Santa know what children want?
  10. What kind of children get presents from Santa?
  11. Which country do Christmas trees come from?

Writing a letter to Santa Claus

To ask Santa for presents, you must tell him some important information. You must tell him how you have been good this year. You must also tell him clearly what you want. Here is the template:

Dear Santa, Merry Christmas. My name is ________________________________. I have been a good girl/boy this year. First, I ___________________________________________________________. Second, I ___________________________________________________________. Third, I ___________________________________________________________.

Would you please bring me three presents? First, I would like _______ ____________________________________________________. Second, I would like ___________________________________________________________. Finally, I would like ___________________________________________________________.

Thank you for kindness. I hope you and Ms. Claus have a very merry Christmas.