Elementary School English Teaching Professional Development Workshop November 13


Welcome. I hope that you will find our day working together useful, helpful, and worthwhile. You will spend most of the class working with your classmates to:

  • Find out what English words and phrases your students will need to learn English.
  • Discover ways to make learning English enjoyable and meaningful for you and your students.
  • Learn how to modify activities easily.

    Course structure

  • You will spend most of the time working in pairs or groups carrying out tasks and finding answers to problems I present to you.
  • This workshop is a discovery process. I am not here to teach you but help you work together to discover solutions.
  • The course is made up of four 90 minute sessions. We will begin and end each section with a review.


  • Welcome.
  • Introduction.
  • Ice-breaking activities.
  • Questions for discussion.
  • A brief introduction/review of Bloom's Taxonomy and how we plan backwards
  • Useful phrases for understanding.
  • Discovery task: What words, phrases, expressions, and habits will your students need to learn English and how can you teach them?
  • Learning to model expanded answers and open ended questions.
  • Different kinds of activities.
  • The "Four Strands".
  • How to to teach anything with Fruit Basket.
  • Review and reflection.

    Suggested readings and resources

    Japanese Loanwords

    Grant Wiggins’ Blog. He passed away last year but this guy really knew his stuff and was very, very smart. Kind of like what your father would say if he were a teacher.

    The Institute for Effective Education Their newsletter “Best Evidence in Brief" usually has at least one interesting article that is useful.

    Two Teachers Talking This is a once-a-month podcast I do with Tony Silva, who is probably the best teacher I know. Listen just to hear what he has to say.

    Some books I have found useful:

    Understanding by Design by Wiggins and McTighe

    Visible Learning for Teachers by John Hattie

    What do you need to know to learn a foreign language?

    Additional resources

    Workshop slide show

    An interesting talk to make you think