January 22 speed reading 2 questions

Stamford Raffles

  1. While young, Raffles worked in
    a Singapore.
    b Malaysia.
    c Indonesia.
    d England.

  2. Stamford Raffles began to work when he was young, because
    a he wanted to see the world.
    b he was not clever.
    c his parents did not have much
    d he did not like to study.

  3. When Raffles first came to Singapore, it was
    a a very busy port.
    b almost deserted.
    c a big city.
    d a very old city.

  4. Before Raffles arrived, the people in Singapore
    a sold wood to foreign countries. b attacked ships.
    c worked in offices.
    d were policemen.

  5. Singapore became safe because
    a no more ships went there.
    b the thieves were caught.
    c many more pirates came there.
    d the thieves went to other

  6. After Singapore became safe, many ships came there
    a to bring passengers.
    b to carry wood.
    c to take people to England.
    d to buy and sell things.

  7. Most of the first teachers in Singapore were
    a foreigners.
    b from Singapore.
    c not real teachers.
    d not good at teaching.

  8. Raffles learned the Malay language so that he could
    a learn about Singapore.
    b sell things to people outside
    c pay people to write books.
    d teach in the schools.

  9. Raffles often went into the forest
    a to meet the people of the island.
    b to find new places to build
    c to study the plants and animals.
    d to find the pirates.

  10. While Raffles was travelling back to England,
    a his wife died.
    b he died.
    c all his books were burned.
    d the ship was lost.