January 22 speed reading 1 questions


  1. Before 1911 people in China were
    a very rich.
    b very poor.
    c very rich or poor.
    d all about the same.

  2. In old China, many servants, were
    a the children of rich people.
    b children with no parents.
    c rich people.
    d poor people.

  3. For their work, servants received,
    a a lot of money.
    b no money.
    c land.
    d food.

  4. Chinese families were big because
    a not many people died.
    b married children lived with their
    c their houses were big.
    d many people came to stay.

  5. When the head of the family died, his place was taken by
    a his wife.
    b his oldest brother.
    c his oldest son.
    d his wife's brother.

  6. In rich families, children studied
    a at home.
    b at the teacher's house.
    c at school.
    d at the temple.

  7. Writing was done with
    a a pen.
    b a long thin stick.
    c a brush.
    d a pencil.

  8. To pass the examination, a boy had to
    a read many old books.
    b learn many languages.
    c know about foreign countries.
    d study in school.

  9. In old China, girls
    a did not study books.
    b worked outside the house.
    c were quite free.
    d went to school.

  10. Now, in China, women
    a do not go to school.
    b only work at home.
    c can do any job.
    d do not work after they marry