How To Page

Name a file correctly:

Use this format: “assigned student number_Week X”. Your assigned student number is the private ID number I gave you in class. Please do not use your school student number. For “Week X”, replace the “X” with actual week of the class according to the class webpage.

Here is an example: J1_Week4_HW

This has to be done every time and done correctly every time. If you don’t name your file correctly, I will not be able to review and grade your assignment. You will get zero points for the assignment. ___ 

Upload an assignment:

To upload your homework, you will use email and file attachments. Please use the email address I give you. If you make a mistake in the address, I will not get your work and you will not be able to get credit for the assignment. In the subject line, you should use the file name.

Here is an example:

Sample email

Write an email to a professor:

When you want to communicate with a professor by email, there are a few rules you should follow. First, always include the class name and topic in the subject line. For example: 2SW homework question. The body of the message must always include:

  • greeting
  • your name
  • assigned student number
  • class
  • clear information about what you want
  • closing

You can use the template below and just replace the red text with your own information.

It might look something like this: Email to professor