Apps and web services you will need

All of the apps and web services are free. You do not need to pay any money to use them. Everything you need is available with the free versions. Everything works with everything so you don't have to worry about what device you are using.

Web storage, docs, and other services

Google account. You need to have a Google account to use some of the apps and online websites we will be using in the class. If you already have a Google account, you can skip this step.

Mind maps

Coggle. You use your Google account to create a Coggle account.

  • Please be careful about using Coggle.
  • Coggle is easier to use than the other mind mapping app, but there are privacy issues.
  • Your mind maps are public and people can see them.
  • Do not include any personal information in your Coggles that you want to keep private.
  • If you want more privacy use Mindmup.

Mindmup. It's only in English and you have to connect your Google Drive account to save your mind maps easily. It's not as easy to use as Coggle but it is more powerful.

Cmaps. I believe you can change the menu language when you install it. Cmaps is a little bit more difficult to learn than the other two apps. It is also "concept mapping" software so it is a little bit different. Right now, this is probably your best choice if you have a computer.

Feedback and quiz taking

Socrative student version. Please choose the iOS or Android version that fits your phone. Make sure to download the student version. It's the blue one.

Note taking

Evernote. This is a convenient app for taking notes, recording talks, saving webpages, almost anything. Highly recommended and there is a version for pretty much every device.


Hemingwayapp. This is a website that can help you improve your writing. It checks for adverbs, passive voice, and sentence complexity. It's easy to use; just paste your text into the main window and click edit. Or you can use it as your writing app.