2017 Seminar

2017 Seminar

Problem solving, innovation, and entrepreneurship

  • Welcome to Problem solving, innovation, and entrepreneurship.
  • This course is designed to help you develop your thinking and planning skills.
  • You will spend most of your time in class working with other students.
  • This is not a lecture class.
  • You will choose a problem or issue that you want to "fix".
  • You will then deeply research your issue or problem.
  • After you understand your issue or problem, you will create a business plan or action plan that solves the problem or issue.
  • You will be making 4 presentations about your plan.
  • You are expected to learn how to effectively use a variety of apps such as:
    • PowerPoint or other presentation apps.
    • Planning tools such as mind map and outline apps.
    • Basic blogging tools.
    • Data and graphing apps.
    • Writing tools such as Hemingwayapp and Gammarly.
  • The class will be challenging, very challenging.


Week 1

What is innovation and entrepreneurship?


  • Brief introduction.
  • Learning to be clear.
  • Paper airplane exercise.
  • Questions and paperwork.



Week 2

Introduction to creative thinking and problem solving._

Week 3

Framing a problem and asking the right questions.

###Week 4 Introducing your problem/issue to the class.

Week 5

Understanding business/action plans.

Week 6

Different kinds of business/action plan.

Week 7

Developing a first draft of a business/action plan.

Week 8

Presenting your first draft of a business/action plan (midterm presentation).

Week 9

Methods and systems for assessing goals and objectives.

Week 10

Understanding features and benefits.

Week 11

Explaining and describing benefits.

Week 12

What is a minimally viable product and why does it matter?

Week 13

Different approaches to developing a minimally viable product.

Week 14

Presenting your final business/action plan round 1 (final presentation).

Week 15

Presenting your final business/action plan round 2 (final presentation).